Specialize Training on Database Administrator (DBA)

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Specialize Training on Database Administrator (My SQL/SQL Server/Oracle/MS Access)

Today, without help of database, it is hard to handle any application with dynamism. For any booming application, concept of database is MUST! For e.g. in a large industry or successful enterprise, Database Administration is the foundation need. Try to think about transferable skills that might be useful from Economics. Most DBAs are fairly quantitative minded, have outstanding problem solving, critical thinking, and programming skills.

We at Global Era Incorporation give opportunities to build up above skill with our specialized training program for Database Administrator (DBA). We design our course such a way that you have better chance to get job in the best companies.

We provide database administrator training as per trainer’s requirement or their interests in any of top level database like  My SQL, SQL Server, Oracle, MS Access etc. Global Era Incorporation provides training from basic to advance level with the latest concept of database.

Database Administrator Objectives:
  1. How to maintain the large database
  2. How to controlling the user
  3. Configuration of databases and server
  4. Configuration of databases with front end application
  5. Database Security
  6. Script writing
  7. Managing the complex query of databases
With Training we provide:
  1. Overview of all databases and difference between them
  2. Understanding of Database Architecture
  3. Understanding of System Administration & role of System administrator
  4. Explanation of all Data Types
  5. Table Maintenance using concept of primary key & foreign key
  6. Guidelines for Obtaining Metadata
  7. Tricks for Transactions and Locking
  8. Storage Engines
  9. Manipulating Data with different strategies
  10. Exporting and Importing Data
  11. Concept of Replication
  12. Generating Reports by Grouping Related Data
  13. Managing Data in Different Time Zone
  14. Hierarchical Retrieval
  1. BE / B Tech (Computer/ IT)
  2. BCA / BSc IT / MCA / M Tech / Msc IT / MBA IT
  3. Diploma in IT / Computer
  4. OR Those Who Looking for job but not get it due to No Experienced on live Work
Training Duration:
  1. 5 to 8 Months Training Program
  2. But it completely depends on the participant's speed. It can take lesser or more time depending on how fast the trainees copes up.
  3. Monday To Saturday (Daily: 5-7 Hours)
  4. Training by our Professionals Leader
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