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Browser Compatibility

Browser Compatibility

Nowadays there is a great number of web browsers you may use for web surfing and all of them have different standards. What are the very differences between the browsers? The thing is that they use HTML, CSS and JavaScript with some distinctions, whether only cosmetic or serious ones which may even break the website. That is why sometimes a website runs in one browser but fails to load in another one,so the web developers should cope with these differences somehow. And as you cannot guess what exact web browser a person will use for viewing web pages, the solution is to make a website fully compatible which means that it will appear more or less the same in all popular web browsers such as Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera and others.

Of course, "full compatibility" doesn't mean 100% compatibility with all existing web browsers as it is just impossible, but you still can make the most out of it involving the most usable and popular ones. In order to implement it a web developer should write blamelessly clean code which will correspond the W3C standards of browser platforms, which will help you to get steadfast results. Here are some suggestions for you to cope with cross browser compatibility issues.

Html Editors

While using HTML editors you should mind the following features:

  1. using Dreamweaver is the best choice concerning compatibility issues but you should convert layers to tables for their proper use
  2. FrontPage editor uses Microsoft and thus contains code specifically for Internet Explorer, that is why it may load with problems and its items won't work with other web browsers.
  3. in case you make use of other HTML editors you should test the code they generate.

CSS style sheets

Style Sheets seldom have problems with web browsers but still your web page may appear unreadable. The major problem CSS possess lies in the major positioning as many browsers do not support it, so thus not all the style sheets will work properly within all web browsers.


A great website must serve its purpose properly. And no website can be of any use without great content. Hence, when we design websites, content lies at the top of our priority list. However, it is important to note that excessive content can be a major detractor to users going through your site. When we design your website, we fill it with content which is useful, relevant and of the perfect length. With such content, you can rest assured that users will come back again and again.

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